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Founded on the principle of friendship through the mutual assistance of every member, Theta Chi aims to provide its members with an enjoyable and fulfilling collegiate experience that also prepares them for rewarding, successful lives after graduation.

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"What's in this Fraternity for me?" Some of your benefits are....

• ΘΧ ΓΜ Alumni Scholarship Foundation, Inc. [501 (c) (3) non-profit] program for worthy undergraduate ΘΧ Pledges and Brothers. Apply now online at

• ΘΧ ΓΜ Alumni Association [501 (c) (7) non-profit]. 1,100 brothers worldwide. Keeps brothers in touch and heavily supports the Gamma Mu Chapter. A ΘΧ Chapter that stresses brotherhood bonds for life and is committed to developing personal and professional skills of undergraduate brothers while at BGSU.

• ΘΧ ΓΜ Chapter Advisor, J. Rockne (Roc) Starks ’88, BGSU faculty member (Business/Insurance and ΘΧ ΓΜ Brother).

• Gamma Mu Brothers who have continued to serve BGSU post graduation on a variety of University Boards and Councils include Bill Ficken ‘63, Emerick Corsi '72, Manny Conti '88, and Mark West '90.

• Student Body and Class Presidents, SicSic members, BGSU Varsity Sports Letter winners, ROTC Battalion Commanders, IFC Officers, Campus Organization Officers.

• Some noted ΘΧ ΓΜ brothers include: Nick Mileti ‘54 (builder, owner Cleveland Cavaliers and donor for Mileti Alumni Center), Tom Arwood ‘58 (US Army Maj Gen), Jerry Guy, MD ‘61 (Director, Cancer Research Center, OSU), George Marshall ‘63 (Salomon Brothers Director), Bob Dyer ’65 ’67 (Professor of Marketing, Dean for Graduate Programs, GWU), Jack Baker ‘66 (Baker Dublikar Beck Wiley & Mathews), Tom Hennings ‘68 (Wendy’s Franchisee), Tim Noonan ‘88 (Owner/President, The Great Lakes Stairs & Millwork Company) Mark West '90 and Manny Conti '88.

• Gamma Mu has recently adopted Bowling Green’s “Habitat for Humanity” as a fraternity service project.

• Beckett’s Burger Bar, owned and operated by George Strata ‘96 (Past Chapter President) is a favorite downtown gathering place for ΘΧ ΓΜ Alumni, parents and friends.

Theta Chi Fast Facts

• BGSU Gamma Mu Chapter: 1400 plus Initiates from 1948 to 2020.
• Total local chapters installed since founding in 1856: 230
• Current Undergraduate members: 8,100 (approx.)
• Active Chapters: 143
• Official Colonies:8
• Headquarters staff members: 32

Stay Connected:

There are a variety of ways to stay connected with Theta Chi Gamma Mu:
• Submit your Alumni Bio to for inclusion on website

Theta Chi Fast Facts

• Location of Founding: Norwich University (Norwich, Vermont)
• Founding Fathers: Frederick Norton Freeman and Arthur ChaseFraternity
• Colors: Military Red and White
• Magazine: The Rattle of Theta Chi Headquarters: Carmel, IN Gamma Mu Chapter
• Founded: April 3, 1948 at Bowling Green State University  
• Theta Chi Gamma Mu Alumni Scholarship: Founded January 15, 2016 and awarded
  annually to worthy BGSU students.

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