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In Honor of WIlliam W. McKee '67
Theta Chi Gamma Mu Alumni Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Award

Est. November 17, 2015

= multi-year scholarships awarded!
2020-2021 Spring Award Winners

Joey Irwin ’23

My first goal would be place in a school teaching high school level courses.  After I have spent some time as a teacher, I hope to one day become a department chair.  One of my top leadership accomplishments was getting inducted into the National Honor Society in my junior year of high school. In my summer 2019 job at the YMCA, I was a head teacher. I was personally responsible for the well-being of an entire class of children. I hope to become more involved in dodgeball at BGSU, one day becoming a captain.   I am presently the Treasurer for the Gamma Mu Chapter and was instrumental in getting our Chapter reinstalled in October 2020.

2019-2020 Spring Award Winners

Nicholas Aichele ‘20

Cincinnati, OH - Pre-Law History major, Communications minor. Serves as a Resident Advisor at Centennial Hall, Member of 2017 Pledge Class, 1st President of the recolonized ΘΧ ΓΜ Colony (2017-18), current VP of Health and Safety and key member of the Colony Executive Board. Short-term goal is to go on to Graduate School and get a Master’s Degree in College Student Personnel and to work at a US University to help improve the lives of college men and women. Career goal would be to get a Doctorate Degree in the field of college student personnel.

Benjamin Terry ‘21

Eastlake, OH - Business Administration Marketing major, Communications minor. Member of 2017 Pledge Class, 1st Treasurer of recolonized ΘΧ ΓΜ Colony (2017-18), current Secretary and key member of Colony Executive Board. Short-term goal is to continue gaining experience in current internship with the BGSU Athletic Marketing Department. After graduation, would want to work in a Marketing Department for a major US University. Ultimate long-term goal is to work in the marketing department for one of the Professional Retail Outlet Franchises in Cleveland, Columbus, or Cincinnati OH.

Luke Mengos ‘21

Sandusky, OH - Communications major and Entrepreneurship minor. Member of 2018 Pledge Class. Current Recruitment Chairman and key member of Colony Executive Board. Primary short-term goal is to run own business successfully before graduating college. Will be able to do so with the current internship with Young Entrepreneurs Across America. They train and prepare students to run their own businesses (residential/commercial painting) for this coming spring and summer 2019.

Robert Steffen ‘21

Defiance, OH - College of Education After graduating from BGSU in the Spring of 2021, will find a teaching position in a high school that is a good fit. After teaching for 3 to 4 years, will return to a Master’s in Education Administration program. Upon receiving a Master’s Degree would like to continue a career in the classroom, until experienced enough to enter an administration position. Would then strive to return to college once more to enter a Doctoral Program in Behavior Science and hopefully work for a community School Board Department of Education as Associate Superintendent.

Cole Wilson ‘21

Bluffton, OH - College of Liberal Arts Career goal will be to graduate in the Spring ‘21 from BGSU with a Bachelor of Science with a major in Software Engineering and a minor in General Business Administration. The second career goal is raising GPA to above a 3.1 to have a better opportunity at a Summer Internship. A third career goal is working toward the Colony receiving a new ΘΧ ΓΜ Charter and working towards holding the brothers to higher standards to achieve our goals.

Vy The Nguyen ‘22

Saigon Vietnam - College of Computer Science. After graduating from BGSU, will apply to larger international computer companies, like Google, Facebook, or Microsoft. Want to do research with the professionals to broaden my knowledge on Computer Science. Video games are very popular in my country of Vietnam; therefore, my goals would be to either design a whole new video game or further enhance an existed video game. Applying for computer science graduate program at BGSU or other University for a Master’s Degree; then possibly a PhD. After graduation re-apply for those big-tech companies or become a college professor. 

William Terrell ‘22

Mason, OH - College of Aviation, with goal of becoming a VFR/IFR checked out and licensed small, fixed wing plane pilot. After graduating from BGSU with degree and flying credentials will apply for a fighter pilot slot with the Ohio Air National Guard. This would be the near-term aviation goal. In the field of aviation and air-cargo industry, becoming a captain for top companies like FEDX or UPS is the ultimate long-term goal.

2019-2020 Fall Award Winners

Joseph King ‘21

Loveland, OH - College of Business Administration. After graduation, Joe plans to get a starting job as a beginning superintendent at a commercial work site in the building industry. He plans to move up through the management system and become a high-level manager in the company. And after many years of experience, move up through the management structure to become CEO. Joe participates in Little Buddies Program in Loveland, OH. He mentored and watched over these kids and helped them grow. In high school, he was a mentor group leader. Helped lead 4 individual kids from each primary grade to grow together. 

Zachary Lauria ‘23

Spalding, NE - College of Liberal Arts. I plan to get to earn a Bachelor of Science in Biology with minors in Army ROTC and Chemistry. Hope to be accepted in medical school to continue my education and receive a Doctor of Medicine degree. I hope to then go on to become an emergency room physician after I have completed my residency education. I am currently RSA representative for my residence hall. I was President for my high school student council in my senior year. I was Captain for my high school football team both junior and senior years.

Kaleb Sowards ‘21

Russia, OH - College of Business of Administration. I would like to one day become the General Manager of either an NBA team or an NFL team. I would also love to be a part of the College Football Playoff committee one day because I do not agree with how they have organized things. If I can make enough money in life, I would like to make a charity to spread awareness for Medullary Sponge Kidney (MSK). I was the treasurer and the president of my high school band, so I was left with many different responsibilities, and I met each challenge that was given to me. I was also in Student Council in high school, and elected Secretary and the male representative for my senior class. Helped organize charity and fundraiser events. Being captain of my school's bowling team, my job was to be the leader of the team and inspire the guys even when we were having an off day.

Dylan Hicks ‘22

Convoy, OH - College of Law Enforcement. My first goal is to get hired in at police station in any city/town/state and be married and start a family. My second goal is to work up the chain in Law Enforcement and become a detective. My third and final goal is to be known as a Law Enforcement officer who has help changed the lives of those who I have served over the years before I retire.  I do not wish to be honored with any medals or awards. I just want to retire knowing that I have helped the lives of those who seek it. I was Captain of my High School Football team my senior year and one thing that I accomplished as a leader was when students at my school, not just my football teammates, had trouble with grades, I would set up to time after school to help everyone with schoolwork until everyone boosted their grades.  In this way, they were able to continue playing sports, perform musicals and choir competitions, attend school events, and get on a fast track to a high school diploma.

Noah Riha ‘21

Painesville, OH - College of Health and Human Sciences, majoring in Criminal Justice. Noah’s number 1 goal is to become a police officer and hopefully rise to the level of detective. Working hard to greatly improve his local precinct and the overall department would be his other immediate goals. He wishes to see and enjoy the improvements as they occur. After a successful early law-enforcement career, Noah will apply for admission to the FBI Academy in Quantico VA. He was an outstanding 4-H Club officer for 2 years, where he helped to organize key events, monthly meetings and assisted in running fundraising activities that were Club sanctioned. Noah became a junior leader within 1 year and taught younger members how to operate firearms safely and effectively. He is currently in process of becoming a fully Certified 4-H Instructor of Firearms and will be traveling with selected members to assist in their participation in National Shooting Competitions. Noah also participated in National Shooting Competitions for 3 consecutive years and won various individual and team awards.

Sean McGowan ‘22

Galena, OH - College of Arts and Science majoring in Biology. His first goal after graduating from the College of Arts and Science with a BS in biology would be to achieve at least a Masters in Molecular Biology or Viral Pathology and possibly a Doctorate in the same field, if possible. Sean’s second goal after finishing his formal education is getting a job working for the federal government on environmental research or with the FDA in drug research. His final goal is to help develop vaccines and/or medicines that could help prevent other potential viral and/or bacterial infectious outbreaks. Sean was Class Valedictorian with a 3.88 GPA and the Captain of his high school varsity hockey team his senior season. He had to help many teammates with keeping their focus during team practice and games. As part of the Teacher Academy in Dublin Ohio, he was part of 3 different classroom environments where he was able to solo teach full lessons. Along with other small groups, he taught mini lessons during various 6-week periods. Sean also worked with the citywide Lunches of Love Program, where he would gather with others once a month for a couple hours and make basic hot lunches for the city homeless shelters across Columbus OH.

Gabe Roof ‘23

Sterling Heights, MI - College of Business Administration Majoring in Sports Marketing. Gabe currently works at the Slater Family Ice Arena as an Employee Supervisor at BGSU. After graduation, Gabe plans to obtain a position with either the NHL Detroit Red Wings or the NFL Detroit Lions. He wishes to be happy in his line of work and wants his job to seem like it isn't just a job, but something fun and a way of life. His second goal would be to leave everywhere he works better than he found the environment. Ultimately, he hopes to be promoted and stay at one place and leave a lasting impact on all the positions he held. Gabe plans to leave a legacy in sports marketing and be able to have a body of work he can be proud of. Starting right now at BGSU, he firmly believes he is where he wants to be in his studies. He spearheads most every group project he has been involved in. Last semester, in one of his marketing classes, he had a group project that was worth 20% of grade. He was the group leader, and the team received an A on the project. Gabe was Captain of his Sterling Heights HS bowling team. Whenever everyone else on the team would be performing below their average, Gabe was always the person to carry them out of those slumps and put the team back on track. He has been an outstanding role model for his younger brother and his parents, brother and family have told him exactly that. Following in Gabe’s footsteps is an excellent example, and he is extremely proud of that. Gabe may not have had many hardships in his life and lived a relatively normal, positive life up to this point. However, recently his very close and extremely young uncle was diagnosed with multiple forms of cancer in many parts of his body. It has reached his lymph nodes and spread almost everywhere in his body. There is no cure! He is on medication to help delay the symptoms, but it is only a matter of time before he ultimately passes away. When everything comes to an end, Gabe will look back at his uncle’s wonderful life and his difficult situation and learn from it and apply it to his own life. Gabe was highly recommended by Colony member Noah Riha ‘21. 

Maxwell Vincent ‘21

Lebanon, OH - College of Business Administration Majoring in Marketing & Media Arts. Max is very fortunate to be near a growing media market in Cincinnati. His first career goal after graduation from BGSU is to be hired by a metro television station in Cincinnati. Hopefully this will lead to more opportunities all over the country. His next career goal is to work for National Geographic because he loves to travel and be outdoors, ever since he was young. Therefore, he hopes to be able to combine his passion for media, videography, and photography, with his passion for outdoor nature and US National Parks. After spending valuable time in the industry, he would look forward to working in Nashville TN. Here he hopes to eventually open his own media company with a sales group, studio, and production group. During his sophomore year he served as the second President of the ΘΧ ΓΜ Colony at BGSU. During the Fall 2018 semester, with the help of the Executive Board and the ΘΧ National Field Representatives Patrick Zurn and Johnathan Barrow, the team was able to increase Colony membership to #25. During Max’s Junior year, he is serving as Treasurer for the Colony. He is also Treasurer and Captain for the BGSU Club Dodgeball Team. Max is in-charge of game strategy and leads the team offensively during tournaments. Last summer, he interned for the Florence Freedom, an Independent Frontier Minor League Baseball team. He functioned as a video production manager in charge of multitude of video projects. Some of the examples are video commercials, featuring Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, Owner of the Joseph Company Subaru dealership. Here he was tasked to handle directing, shooting, and editing the video footage. One of the hardest challenges as President and now as Treasurer he has faced recently was to bring the Gamma Mu Colony of Theta Chi Fraternity back to Chapter status at BGSU. When he joined in the Fall of 2017, Max thought it was going to be smooth sailing and they would be at 45 men in no time. Things did not go that way! Whether it was a result of one thing or another, they struggled immensely. At their lowest, they sat in the Colony weekly meeting with 4 remaining men. Thankfully, Max and the men, did not stay that low for long. Now 3 years later, they are approaching the end of the struggle. They are adding more quality men nearly every day/week. The biggest hardship Max and the Colony faced was to stay positive. It was difficult when they pledged a new member, two would dropout. It was difficult for them to grasp at first that when adversity happens you must double down and keep working harder. As things went south, some of the members got discouraged and dropped out because of the situation. However, those that stayed the course and worked hard have learned a valuable lesson. By being dedicated to a worthy cause, Max and those early members strongly believe the Colony will soon be installed as an active Theta Chi Chapter.

Xavier Cordonnier 21'

Houston, OH - College of Arts and Sciences Majoring in Criminal Justice Xavier will graduate in January 2021 and then plans to attend BGSU for his Master’s program in Criminal Justice. Hopefully, this will position him for future endeavors. His second goal would be becoming employed as a Deputy Sheriff in the Dayton OH area. He would prefer road work for maybe 5-7 years before moving on with his career. Xavier’s next goal would be to apply to work for the Federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms (ATF) as a field agent and later move into undercover assignments, if possible. Most of his personal contacts and classes at BG have been working toward these goals. He firmly believes he has a good chance of obtaining this dream. Xavier is currently and has been the Colony Philanthropy/Community Service Chairman since January 2017. He has used his leadership skills to guide new pledges in Greek and campus life. He was one of the co-leaders in the Science Olympiad his high school senior year. Along with 4 other seniors, they mentored and lead the team to many successful top 5 placements in the county. Xavier is a member of the BGSU Club Dodgeball team. As one of the passionate senior players, he takes charge on callouts and advise on better play. Last year the Club had troubles with player communication. By his calling out who should be taking shots and when to fall back, play has much gotten better this season. During Xavier’s sophomore in high school, his parents were involved in a long-drawn-out divorce. His mother spent much of her savings, including what she was going to use to help Xavier and his 5 brothers go to college. Therefore, it was required for him to work summers and winters to earn enough money to cover college expenses that his other scholarships did not. He was unable to spend free time with friends or participate in any sports during high school. Xavier is planning for an unpaid internship this summer and will be unable to work. His tuition, rent, food, books, and other college expenses will still need to be paid. Therefore, the ΘΧ ΓΜ Bill McKee Alumni Scholarship will help alleviate that cost and added stress and will allow him to focus on his internship which will start his professional career.